in a post COVID-19 world, we need biblical solutions 
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The BIBLE Contains An Ancient Blueprint That Helped Me Transform A Struggling Team of Three Agents Into The Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage In the History of the INC 5000! 
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THE BIBLE INCORPORATED - In Your Life, Job & Business. One of the best selling Christian business books of all time, this power packed book is a unique compilation of over 2,000 verses of Scripture, woven together in a conversational format to give you God’s wisdom on 101 work and business topics.
  • The FIVE BIGGEST CHALLENGES To Getting More Sales: No other profession offers more reward, carries more potential or prepares you better for success in life, than sales. But like all opportunities, it is guarded by problems. The first step in winning, is defining them.
  • ​The SIX BIGGEST MISTAKES Sales People Make: Knowing what the challenges are, is only the beginning. Unless and until you know what you're either doing wrong or not doing at all, you can't begin to take corrective action.
  • ​The SEVEN ANCIENT PATHS Found In The Bible... The Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah wrote... "Ask for the Ancient Paths, where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."  The NET Bible says it this way... “You are standing at the crossroads... Ask where the path is that leads to blessing and follow it.” This free session reveals seven of the most potent ancient paths I know of for literally multiplying your sales.
When Michael started selling copiers, he was told to expect a 25% close rate and make 6 sales in his first 90 days. Unwilling to accept a 75% failure rate, he studied and began applying spiritual laws he found in Scripture.

When he finished his first 90 days with a 100% close rate and 350% of quota, he knew he found something remarkable!Quickly becoming sales manager, he led that team to a 430% increase year over year.

He went into full time training and consulting, sharing his new found wisdom with clients and universities around the world. Increasing client sales by millions of dollars within months became common place.

Most recently, he helped a struggling 3-man sales team in commercial real estate, that was on the verge of closing down, become the fastest growing real estate brokerage in America and the 16th fastest growing company in America on the 2018 INC 5000 list!
Zig Ziglar's Success 2.0 Webcast
"We asked Michael to present his Biblically based sales training program...Not only was it one of the highest response rates ever... but the content was so impacting our chat rooms filled up quickly and remained full for the duration of the event."
"The techniques Michael outlines will help make any product successful and should even be considered during the development phase." Wes Cantrell - Former CEO of 3M/Lanier Worldwide

Hear From Some Who Have Gone Before You...

Serial Entrepreneur in Media, Real Estate and Business Education

"My commercial real estate brokerage was down to three demoralized agents and they were all looking for another job. It was a very critical time. I contacted Michael again… We put our shoulders to the tasks and six months later, we had a multi-million dollar profit. I asked Michael to extend our contract for two more years. The end result was that this company that I almost closed a few years ago, went from nothing to the fastest growing real estate brokerage company in the history of the INC 5000!"
         Dr. Joseph D. Johnson, Founder of The Welfont Group

Dr. Joseph Peck, "The TIME Doctor"

Dagmar Fernandes, Real Estate Sales in Austria

Mina Eissa, Export Consultant, Egypt

Steve Sappington, Trinity Wealth Management

Tim Porter, MBA, God's Business Revolution

Mark Reynolds, Automotive Sales, Australia

Dr. Joe Johnson, INC 5000 Winner / Client

Chris Davis, CEO, Homestar Realty

Robert Henderson, CEO, Henderson's Lineup

Daryle Doden, Founder, Ambassador Steel

Wally Kassebaum, CEO, 7 Mountains Consulting

Rich Scott, Videographer, HLU

"I rarely endorse or recommend a product or service for fear of damaging my own testimony or that of our church.  I have known Michael for almost 20 years now and can testify that his testimony of God's faithfulness is incredible and his integrity in business and life is beyond reproach.  

I promise you these products are worth every penny and absolutely will work EVERY TIME. It’s an easy promise to keep because they are not based on my word or even Michael’s word. They are based on God’s Word and that NEVER fails!

If you need a personal guarantee, then call me. I will make arrangements with you to buy back anything that you buy from Michael that doesn’t work if you will apply it like he says for a minimum of 3 months. " Gary D. Carty, Senior Pastor at Berean Baptist Church of Wichita 

"Far exceeded our expectations! 

I want to thank you for your excellent presentation...without a doubt, it far exceeded our expectations! ...

Many of the people in attendance have been through a number of sales training seminars prior to yours but remarked that this was the best they had ever participated in. 

Not only was the material something we could begin applying immediately in a practical way, but it was highly entertaining in content and style."

Urban Ministries International
"You were born with the heart of William Wallace… 

As one of America’s Greatest Teachers and Evangelists with a destiny to knight businessmen and women in the army of God. 

It is an honor to know and learn from you. You are one of my hero’s."

John Beehner, CEO 
Wise Counsel
"The membership has overwhelmingly expressed their joyful appreciation for the time and energy you poured into your presentation. Personally, I was blessed to overflowing. 

You’re application of Biblical principles is without equal and you easily motivate us to use them in our daily lives. You are a truly inspiring teacher and we are blessed to have you as a friend and an educational mainstay of the NACFC (National Association of Christian Financial Consultants)."

Mark Minnella​​,
President, NACFC
"I expected a high impact, super motivating program...what I got was much, much better ...I felt as if the speaker was sitting across from me, speaking in terms that I could not only understand, but could relate to also. I found myself rushing to listen to the next CD and eventually, to listen to that CD again. 

...Since I have been using this program, I have seen my sales increase by up to 100% conservatively

I also signed our company's largest account worth over 8.2 million dollars! I never would have called on them if I hadn't done what was suggested in the program."
Ken Dulaney, Sales & Marketing Director​​ 
Alliance Collection Service

"Among the many benefits, 7 Secrets of the Sale provides, is a clear and concise process for developing a selling strategy with practical tactics for every prospect you care enough about to implement Michael’s teachings for. 

While not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to attend one of Michael’s live trainings as I have, modern technology allows anyone, serious about their business development goals, to experience the benefits over and over again for continuous improvement. I highly recommend this investment in yourself and your future.” 

Wes Holsapple, N.Y. Times and Wall Street Journal #3 Best Seller; Masters of Networking - Contributing Author

"Michael Pink began to make a difference in my life the moment he entered it. I had great work ethic but the results just were not there. 

He turned all of that around beginning with one lunch. 

In one year I went from last to first on my team and never looked back. 

Michael wore his faith like I wanted to. He is the best teacher of the art of selling I've ever known. In my opinion... Everybody needs some Michael in their life."

David Gentry
Michael Q. Pink
Michael Pink Innovations LLC
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Who is Michael Pink?
Over the past 33 years, Michael has pioneered the application of Biblical Strategy and Natural Law to sales and business. He has sold hundreds of thousands of his books, Had his own daily radio spot for 7 years growing to nearly 200 stations nationwide. Most recently, he led a fledgling sales organization from three struggling agents to the fastest growing real estate brokerage in America, and the 16th fastest growing company on the 2018 INC 500 list! 
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